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Open Space Parks

What better way to rejuvenate the spirit than through days spent outside in wide-open spaces.  Whether you’re gazing across Lake Michigan, fields of asparagus and fragrant apple and cherry orchards, or peering between trees to spot a deer in the Pere Marquette Forest, Oceana County’s parks bring nature up close and personal.  Enjoy the sight and sounds of Sandhill Cranes, ducks and other wildlife; spend the afternoon on the beach at Lake Michigan; view a Korean War era jet plane and a monument to fallen Veterans.  Travel all or part of the 22-mile-long Hart-Montague Rail Trail; spend the day going creatively crazy at Pirate’s Paradise Park for kids. Hike, bike and mountain bike in spring, summer and fall, then snowshoe or cross-country ski in winter. Scenic look-outs, picnic areas, and restrooms make it easy.  Lots of spectacular panoramic views and four-season fun make it unforgettable.

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