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Silver Lake Sand Dunes

We are extremely proud of our Dunes, and we love to share them with visitors from all over the world. There’s no better place to find adventure & thrill and rest & relaxation — all in one spot.

So how do you want to experience the Dunes? We’ve outlined a few ideas below. Take a look and pick your adventure!


Top 4 Ways to Enjoy the Dunes

1. Off-Road Vehicles

Probably the most popular activity on the Dunes is off-roading. Bring your own off-road vehicle (ORV), or rent one from one of numerous rental sites in the area.

In order to enter the Dunes with your ORV at the designated area, you must go to 8690 West Fox Road in Silver Lake. Keep in mind that visitors will be required to pay a Silver Lake State Park entrance fee for dune access. For additional information on fees and State Park ORV rules, head to the Silver Lake State Park website or go to Michigan.gov/orvinfo

2. Hike or Walk

The central section of the Dunes is reserved for pedestrians: Hikers, walkers, meanderers — anyone who wants to see the Dunes on foot. This portion has access to both Silver Lake and Lake Michigan. Pack a lunch and your bathing suit and have a swim and picnic on the beach, or just take a short walk out and back on the Dunes to experience their splendor.

3. Sandboard

Sandboarding is just what it sounds like: Imagine “riding” the Dunes on a board, and you’ve got it!

In truth, a sandboard is probably most comparable to a snowboard. Your feet are strapped in, and you can surf down any sand hill or mountain you like. Sandboarders can go anywhere in the pedestrian section of the Dunes, and sandboard rentals are available at several establishments in Silver Lake.

4. Guided Tours

Finally, if you’d like to experience the Dunes but aren’t interested in walking or driving your own ORV, a guided tour will take you through the sand with a safe and exciting dune buggy ride. Both Mac Woods and Parrot’s Landing offer guided tours of the Dunes on a daily basis throughout the open season.


Dune Safety

Whatever pastimes you choose to partake in on the Dunes, rule number one is always safety. This means staying in your own zone (pedestrians in the central zone, ORVers in the ORV section). But it also means following dune safety guidelines.

For more information on staying safe while on the Dunes, go here. And for dune rental establishments, see below!



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