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Our Communities

Where Home, Work, and Play Meet, in the Hart of Oceana County.  The Silver Lake Sand Dunes area includes Hart, Mears, and Silver Lake.  Enjoy all of the necessities plus attractions, things to do, shopping & dining, community services, community activities, events, and more!  Be treated like a King/Queen with personal service and small town hospitality found at every door step.

Stop by our Visitor Information Center (Hart Exit 149) staffed by area volunteers with a passion for helping you make the most of your time in the Silver Lake Sand Dunes area.  The Visitor Information Center also houses numerous brochures and information about the area.  If you are relocating to the area, pick up a relocation packet to help with your transition to this wonderful area.  If you have questions or need any information about the Silver Lake Sand Dunes area stop by, call, or email.

Visitor Information Center

Phone (231) 873-2247
Email director@thinkdunes.com
Address 2388 N. Comfort Drive, Hart, MI  49420

Neighboring Communities

Within close proximity of Hart, Mears and Silver Lake are our Villages with their unique character. Highlighted here are “Things to do”, Accommodations, Community & Services for New Era, Pentwater, Shelby, and Walkerville Villages.

New Era

New Era is a warm and welcoming village with quiet streets, active small businesses, good schools, and friendly neighbors. New Era is a picturesque community of under 600 residents. Surrounded on all sides by rolling orchards and farmland, our lovely town is reminiscent of times past… quieter times.


Pentwater is an historic village on the western shore of Michigan. Marinas, shopping, public beach, village green & more.


Shelby’s economy is supported by tourism, local stores and businesses, many of which are located in a newly formed industrial park located to the north of town. Shelby is also located on the Hart-to-Montague Bicycle Trail, a popular attraction and one of the first of its kind in the state. ISurrounding agriculture also plays a significant role, as Shelby is located in the middle of a rich fruit belt especially known for apples.

Shelby was originally established as Churchill’s Corners in 1866, named after Walter H. Churchill who was the first postmaster. It was renamed Shelby in 1885 when it was incorporated as a village – after General Isaac Shelby, who along with his famous Kentucky Rangers, took back Detroit from the British in the War of 1812.


The Walkerville area is comprised mainly of farming communities. Those who do not work on local farms generally find employment in surrounding cities. It has a downtown area with dining, services and schools.

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