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Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of the Sand Dunes are designated for pedestrians? For vehicles?

Dunes are divided into 3 areas, Mac Woods, Pedestrian, and ORV. Area Map attached.

When do the dunes open for the season and what are the hours?

April 1 to October 31, Open 9AM to 8pm until May 1, May 1 to Sept 15 9am to 10pm, Sept 15 to oct 31 9am-8pm 

Can I bring a motorbike or ATV on the dunes?

Yes with safety flag and spark arrestor, Goggles and helmets required.

Do I need a permit to be on the dunes in a motor vehicle?

ORV & Trails Permits are required, along with Recreation Passport. http://www.thinkdunes.com/things-to-do/dune-attractions/

What are the requirements to take my vehicle on the dunes?

2018 ORV Permit, ORV Trails Permit, Recreation passport, 4 Wheel Drive, Tires Max 15PSI, and safety flag, see PDF of permits required

Are there different flags required for the dunes and how tall should it be?

The flag must be 10ft off the ground, mounted to front bumper for all vehicles. Motorbikes and ATV’s flag is mounted to the rear.

What should my tire pressure be while riding the dunes?

12-15 lbs max PSI

Can I rent a dune buggy or ATV to take on the dunes?

Yes there are 3 places in Silver Lake to rent ORV’s, see  http://www.thinkdunes.com/things-to-do/dune-attractions/

Are their safety tips I should be aware of?

See www.thinkdunes.com/things-to-do/dune-safety-info/

Do I need a driver’s license to ride the dunes on an ATV?

Yes 16 and older. Under 16 can get a permit from DNR after taking an online class on the DNR website.

Can I access Lake Michigan from the dunes?

Yes you can park within 50-100 yards in the ORV area and walk to the water, you cannot drive to the water’s edge, parking is designated by the state park.  You can also walk to the waters edge in the pedestrian area of the Dunes. Beach and water access is close to parking in the Little Sable Lighthouse section of the state park.

Can I just go to the beach in Silver Lake?

Yes the State Park Little Sable Lighthouse section, and the Golden Township park have excellent parking with easy beach access to swim or hike in Lake Michigan.  

Are there hotels in Silver Lake?

Yes there are 3 hotels that offer accommodations for all size groups and families. There are also rental houses available www.thinkdunes.com/lodging/ There are also 4 nice hotels in the city of Hart next to Interstate 31. 

What is there to do for kids?

There are destinations such as Mac Woods Dunes Rides, Craig’s Cruisers, Country Dairy, and Lewis Farms Petting Zoo & Market. http://www.thinkdunes.com/things-to-do/

Where is Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

On the west coast of Michigan, 25 miles north of Muskegon, 25 miles south of Ludington.

Is this Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes?

No that is a National Park near Traverse City Michigan 100 miles north of here.

Download the 2018 Visitor Guide at http://www.thinkdunes.com/maps-planning/visitors-guide/

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